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It is easy to do a performance three or four angle valve job, but it is very difficult to find a shop to properly do one for you. Well, I will explain to you the proper way to do a great performance valve job either using stones or pre-shaped three or four angle carbide cutters.

Always start with clean, carbon-free cylinder heads that have been magnafluxed or zygloed to make sure that you have a good head in which to grind your seats. The valve guides should be addressed first and repaired by using a .502" replaceable iron valve guide, bronze guide or a bronze valve guide liner. The only caution to take in this area is valve stem to valve guide clearance, especially if the heads you are doing have a large or dual heat riser crossover passage in the two center exhaust ports. This is predominant in some Mopar and nearly all Oldsmobile V8s produced between1964-

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