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The purchase fof CCC will enable increased production capacity and new production capabilities, according to a spokesman for Howards Cams. Engine builders will now have even more options for custom grind development.

Included in the assets of the purchase is a Landis 3L CNC cam-grinding machine, a well regarded name in cam grinding equipment. According to a spokesman, it is no run-of-the-mill machine as it was custom built by Landis with a full 36? capacity, dual grinding wheels and fully indexable head. This unit is capable of inverted flank or negative radius-curvature lobe designs and has full CNC taper capability.

Unlike some machines that require taper to be “dressed” into the wheel, this custom 3L achieves taper by precise CNC control of the grinding head. The secondary wheel also permits us to use a different grinding concentration with higher speeds so that we can achieve a better surface finish. 

In addition, Howards Cams has also purchased a new Adcole 911-36NT for checking accuracy of this increased production. The 911-36NT allows for camshafts measurements up to 36? in length with an accuracy of 0.0001 micron and 0.001 degree of resolution.

Howards Cams has become well known for its high degree of accuracy, and the addition of the new line will even go beyond that. With this acquisition, a spokesman for the company says it has also added two top cam design engineers in the performance industry to its staff. They are responsible for many wins in numerous professional classes. With their addition, look for more improvements and new products in the future.

For more information, visit or call 920-233-5228.

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