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“Motorhead Garage” featuring Sam Memmolo, and Dave Bowman, formerly of Shadetree Mechanic and Two Guys Garage will debuted on Fox Sports Network (FSN) National Sunday, July 25, and will run for twelve (12) consecutive weeks. The series will then return to FSN in January of 2011 for an additional 13 weeks.

“I’m excited about getting back to work with my long time friend and co-host Dave Bowman, and bringing back some “Honest How To” for all our friends in the car hobby,” said Sam Memmolo.

The series will feature “Step by Step” instructions as each product installation is completed. The series will be archived on Masters Entertainment Groups Internet Television Network at “If our audience misses an episode of Motorhead Garage they can log on for free viewing and downloads,” said Butch McCall, executive vice president of Masters Entertainment.

“I am really looking forward to once again sharing the garage and tool box with my pal Sam, and to bring to our audience the latest in technical information, products and procedures from all the manufactures,” said Dave Bowman.

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff