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Some 1998-2003 E-Series, 1999-2003 Super Duty, 2000-’03 Excursion and2000-’03 F-650/750 vehicles equipped with a 7.3L diesel engine mayexhibit an oil leak at the high-pressure oil pump outlet fittingsand/or end plug.

Accordingto Ford, this type of leak may appear to be a rear main crankshaftseal, oil pan gasket or other engine oil leak due to the drain holemachined in the crankcase valley which allows any oil in the valley torun down the back of the engine (see Figure 1).

High-pressureoil pump leaks at the outlet fittings and/or end plug can be servicedwithout removing the pump assembly. Replace the

O-rings on thefillings and the end plug using kit 2C3Z-9G804-AA. All three O-ringsshould be replaced. Apply liquid thread sealer (included in the kit)prior to reinstallation.

Note: Do not remove the bottom plug — it is sealed in a different manner.Figure 1

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff