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According to Ford TSB 06-24-4, some 2003-’07vehicles equipped with a 6.0L engine may require the cylinder head tobe replaced, while design changes can affect interchangeability betweenmodel years and service of 2003-’07 6.0L engines.

According to the bulletin, the manufacturer for this engine used twoseparate facilities. And while both locations built engines with thesame design data, three cylinder head variations have been used. Thereare engine serial number change dates to help in determining whichcylinder heads were used (see Charts 1 and 2).

The cylinder head gasket and locating dowels also changed in the 2006model year to accommodate the increase in the dowel size from 18 mm to20 mm. Using the wrong head gasket for the application will lead toengine damage  (see Figure 1).

The revised dowel hole was made to accommodate the larger head boltsto be used in the new 6.4L diesel engine and was commonized formanufacturing purposes. The injector clamp design and associatedcylinder head casting support area also were modified on the changeoverdate in early 2006.

The cylinder head and block dowel hole sizes must be measured todetermine the correct cylinder head gasket kit to be used. If there isa difference in dowel hole size between the head and block, a special“stepped dowel” (P/N 6C3Z-6B041-B) is available to accommodate properassembly.

Ford notes that the cylinder head gasket and injector clamp versionsare not interchangeable; they must be used with the correspondingcylinder head versions. Refer to the chart to determine the correctapplication.

– From Ford Motor Co. and Ford Truck Enthusiasts ( 1Chart 1Chart 2

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff