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November 2011





GM 3.4/3.5L

Back in 1980, GM introduced an all newV6 that originally displaced 2.8L/173 cubic inches, but over time it grew into a 3.1L/191 cid, a 3.4L/207 cid, a 3.5L/213 cid and finally a 3.9L/237 cid version in 2006. Contributing Editor Doug Anderson takes us through the mul- tiple versions of this not so little Chevy V6.

Navistar DT466

The Navistar DT466 inline six cylinder diesel engine has been used for years in agriculture, transportation and service vehi- cles under some of the toughest circumstances imaginable. Technical Editor Roy Berndt explains the various forms it took and the steps involved in keeping this powerful, efficient engine in operation.



Buick Nailhead

The Buick Nailhead is one of those iconic engines from the glory days of automotive history. But apart from its distinctive name, do you know any- thing about them? “Old school” doesn’t mean “out of fashion.” Editor Doug Kaufman gets the inside scoop from one of the leading Nailhead builders in the country.



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