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The first cover we’ll discuss is used on the 2001-2004 Van, 2002Expedition and 2002-2004 Ford F-150. It is Ford p/n 2L3Z-6019-AA.Before I mention the cover, I must remind you that 2004 was atransitional year for Ford, and the 2004 F-150 is the Heritage bodystyle. You need to pay attention to that or you will end up with apiece of coal in your stocking.

The cover used is casting numbers 1L2E and 2L3E-AB – and you need tomake certain that you pay attention to the AB for there is a 5.4L coverwith the same prefix numbers (see Figure 1). This cover appearsidentical to its predecessor, the F65E, however the mounting bosses forthe pulley and tensioner assemblies are .750" tall rather than .900".These applications use the six-rib accessory drive serpentine belt andthe taller bosses were for a nine-rib belt. It’s easy just to rememberthat .900" is for the nine-rib belt and the shorter is for the smallernumber – at least for my simple mind it works that way!

The next cover is casting number 3L3E. Ford p/n 3L3Z-6019-AA is used onthe 2004-2005 F-150 new body style truck and the 2003-2004 Expedition,but only with the cast iron block casting. The biggest change here isthat these applications are using the high powersteering mount on the left side of the engine. The power steering pumpwas changed because it was nearly impossible to get the oil filter outfrom under the pump and between the chassis frame. While I’m certainthere was an elaborate engineering explanation at Ford for the change,we simple minded folk know the real reason: the right hand and lefthand were not communicating! This cover also has some additional idlermounting boss changes, but the high-mount pump mount is your giveaway(see Figure 2).

Last, there is cover casting numbers 2L1E-DE and 2L2E-AD. Ford p/n2L2Z-6019-AA has both casting numbers on the upper right side of thecover. Why it carries both numbers I was not able to determine, butdoes it really matter? This cover is virtually identical to the3L3E except that the first bolt off the bottom of the "V" of the coveron the right side moved .250" and is used for the aluminum block in the2003-2004 Expedition and 2002-2004 Explorer applications (see Figure 3). figure 1 cover c/n 1l2e, 2l3e appears identical to the earlier cover except that tensioner bosses are .750? tall for six-rib accessory drive belts.”figure

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Roy Berndt
Roy Berndt has decades of machine shop experience. He is the Program Manager for PROFormance Powertrain Products, a PER in Springfield, MO. You can reach Roy at [email protected]