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Peter Lieb is survived by his two sons, Connor and Aiden; his father Tom Lieb and wife Carrie Lieb; his mother Vernetta Lieb Crandall; his siblings Susan, Tom, Sean, Anna, Megan and Emily; his fiancé Shari; her sons Cole and Lukas; and Karen Lieb, mother of Connor and Aiden.

Peter was an outdoorsman who celebrated nature while camping, hunting, sailing, jet skiing and snow skiing. With his sons he enjoyed dirt biking.

Peter inherited a love for automobiles and racing from his father. As a young man he raced go karts, including competing at the 1985 Long Beach Grand Prix. During this time Peter operated his own automotive engine company until 1991 when he joined his father at Scat Enterprises, a manufacturer of high performance auto parts in Redondo Beach. There he participated in design and development of racing engines, eventually working his way up to become VP of Manufacturing, both domestic and foreign.

Peter requested a wake, which will be scheduled in April. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Peter V. Lieb Trust, as a contribution to his sons’ higher education.

Condolences and donations may be sent in care of Tom Lieb, 1400 Kingsdale Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA 90278.Peter Lieb

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