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These engines, (excluding 2.0L SPi and Zetec engines) may experience damage if the crankshaft pulley bolt is loosened during service without first installing the following Special Service Tools.
The crankshaft pulley bolt also retains the crankshaft cam drive sprocket which is NOT keyed to the crankshaft, so valve timing mayshift if the crankshaft pulley bolt is loosened. If this occurs, the pistons may contact and damage the valves.

Before ANY repair that requires loosening or removal of the crankshaft pulley bolt, engine valve timing MUST be locked by using the Special Service Tools. Do not attempt to start the engine without verifying engine cam timing.


Figure 1


Crankshaft Timing Peg p/n 303-507


Holding Fixture p/n 205-126


Adaptor 205-072-02

1) Crankshaft Timing Peg p/n 303-507 is 2-1/8″ (54 mm), see illustration.

2) Camshaft Alignment Plate p/n 303-465.

3) Holding Fixture p/n 205-126, see illustration.

4) Adaptor 205-072-02, see illustration.

Inspect the crankshaft pulley for rubber protruding from the pulley (Figure 1), loose pulse wheel, or bent tabs on pulse wheel touching engine front cover. Replace crankshaft pulley with service kit for respective vehicle line.
Some or all of this information was provided by the Automotive
Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA). For more information on
technical bulletins available through APRA call 703-968-2772 or visit


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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff