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Some installers/customers may comment on excessiveengine coolant consumption, or an engine coolant leak near or under thethrottle body area of the upper intake manifold. This could be related to upper intake manifold composite materialthat may degrade around the EGR stove pipe and could result in aninternal or external coolant leak.

To make the repair, follow the upper intake manifold removalinstructions found in the Engine Unit Repair section of the serviceinformation manual. Refer to the arrow in the illustration of the upper intake manifold (see Figure 1).

Inspect the inner diameter of the EGR passage for signs of materialdegradation. Degradation will appear as “pitting” of the compositematerial in the EGR port passage. If degradation of upper intake manifold composite material is found,replace the lower and upper intake manifolds with the following partnumbers:

Part Number    Description
89017554    Gasket Kit, Upper Intake Manifold  
89017272    Manifold Kit, Upper Intake
89017400    Gasket, Lower Intake Manifold  
24508923    Manifold, Lower Intake  

Follow the lower and upper intake manifold installationinstructions found in the appropriateservice manual. If degradation is not apparent, installers should evaluate the vehicle for othercauses of excessive coolant consumption as noted in the service manual.You should discard the previousGM Bulletin Number 01-06-01-007B (Section 06 – Engine).

Some or all of this information was provided by the AutomotiveParts Remanufacturers Association (APRA). For more information ontechnical bulletins available through APRA call 703-968-2772 or visit 1 - Inspect the inner diameter of the EGR passage for signs of material degradation.

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