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128179RedKapsho_00000076998Red Kap is introducing its “made-to-work-on-cars” shorts and pants.

The shorts are garage-tested and loaded with auto-specific features like the company’s MultiPack pockets for easy access to phone, keys and tools.

Comfort comes standard with an inseam gusset, a GotGIve Waistband and an industrial-friendly stretch canvas fabric that moves with you behind the wheel and under the hood while withstanding the rigors of a typical day in the engine shop.

Red Kap’s pants also feature more pockets and have scratch-free closures, so you don’t have to worry about scratching a paint job on a customer’s muscle car. The pants offer comfort features like a stretch waistband, double knees design and inseam gusset.

Both the shorts and pants are available in black, charcoal and navy.

View more of the line and or more information, visit:


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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff