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ARGSAI Global, an ANAB accredited organization, recently completed the audit that marks the 20th year of certification for American Refining Group, a Bradford, PA based oil refinery. In 1994, the Bradford Refinery became the first refinery in the USA to carry the esteemed ISO 9002 certification and has continued to meet the strict requirements for the past 20 years. Most recently the company met the criteria needed to utilize the ISO 9001:2008 seal.

“It is cause for celebration,” stated Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Communications Manager for American Refining Group. “The fact that our refinery continues to meet the criteria for maintaining the ISO Certification speaks to the dedication of our employees and Leadership Team in providing consistent quality products and services to our customers.”

ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization) was first published in 1987, and has become a mandatory requirement for many purchasers. Over a million organizations throughout the globe have been certified, making ISO 9001 arguably the most widely used tool for Quality Management System certification in the world. Carrying the ISO certification gives customers an added guarantee that certain standards are being met, assuring that they are receiving quality consistent goods with each purchase.

“We modestly applaud the 20 years of ISO registration as confirmation that we have the necessary systems in place to safely continue our journey of constantly improving our products and processes,” stated Ray Reask, Quality Director for American Refining Group, Inc.

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Engine Builder Staff

Engine Builder Staff