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NPW-logoIn its first acquisition of 2014, National Performance Warehouse (NPW) has purchased Engine Rebuilders Warehouse (ERW), one of Florida’s largest traditional and performance engine parts businesses. Engine Rebuilders Warehouse has been in business since 1980 serving machine shops, engine builders and jobbers in Florida. ERW is a specialist in marketing and selling engine related parts and it complements the NPW Sacramento-based Motor Warehouse location.

Larry Pacey, President and CEO of NPW offered these comments; “We constantly search for opportunities to enhance our three major categories we cater to. Whenever we find traditional, engine or performance companies that are available we investigate for the fit.  ERW added to our engine and performance segments in addition to giving our east coast operations enhanced sales experience and new lines.”

The National Performance Warehouse Companies operates eight distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada: four facilities in Florida; Miami, South Dade, Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa, three facilities in California; Vernon, Sacramento, and San Jose, and one facility in Toronto, Canada.

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