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The Engine Builder Buyers Guides are the industry’s most-complete resource of parts, equipment, shop supplies and services for domestic and import, automotive and heavy-duty, conventional and high performance engine builders/rebuilders.

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If you provide parts, equipment or services to engine builders and rebuilders, you can’t afford to miss the chance to be listed in the 15th annual stock gas and diesel Engine Builders Buyers Guide and the separate special High Performance Engine Builders Buyers Guide. These two directories – combined, a complete industry resource – will be published in March 2015 and will be kept all year as a reference guide by our 15,000 print subscribers and accessed daily on our website.

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Engine Components
Bearings (camshaft)
Bearings (engine sleeve type)
Bearings (main rear main)
Bearings (Rod)
Belt Tensioner/Idlers
Cam Caps
Camshaft Kits
Camshaft Seals
Camshaft Thrust Plate and Parts
Chain Kits
Complete Engines
Connecting Rods
Connecting Rods Nuts Bolts
Crankshaft Conversions
Crankshaft Dampers
Crankshaft Kits
Crankshaft Oil Slingers
Crankshaft Pulley Sleeves
Crankshaft Repair Sleeves
Crankshaft Seals
Cylinder Head Components
Cylinder Heads New: Aluminum Bare
Cylinder Heads New: Aluminum Complete
Cylinder Heads New: Cast Iron Bare
Cylinder Heads New: Cast Iron Complete
Cylinder Heads Reman: Aluminum Bare
Cylinder Heads Reman: Aluminum Complete
Cylinder Heads Reman: Cast Iron Bare
Cylinder Heads Reman: Cast Iron Complete
Cylinder Liners (sleeves)
Diesel Injectors
Dipstick Adapters (Chevy Ford)
Dowel Pins
Driveline Dampers
Engine Blocks
Engine Blocks - Remanufactured
Engine Kits
Engine Mounts
Exhaust Components
Exhaust Components: Complete Systems
Exhaust Components: Custom Exhausts
Exhaust Components: Leak Detection
Exhaust Components: Manifolds
Exhaust Components: Tube Notching
Exhaust Components: Tube Swaging
Exhaust Components: Tube/Frame Bending Machines
Filters - Fuel
Filters - Air
Filters - Oil
Flywheel (ring) Gears
Flywheel Assemblies
Fuel System Components
Gasket Cement
Harmonic Balancer Repair Sleeves
Harmonic Balancers
Head Bolts
Hex Shafts
Hydraulic Lash Adjusters
Injector Tubes
Intake Manifolds
IPR Valves
Main Caps (4-bolt)
Manifold Studs
Nuts and Bolts
Oil Coolers
Oil Filter Adapters
Oil Pans
Oil Pressure Springs
Oil Pump Kits
Oil Pump Screens
Oil Pump Shafts
Oil Pump Timing Covers
Oil Pumps
Overhead Camshaft Repair Sleeves
Piston Pin Bushings
Piston Pin Lock Rings
Piston Pins
Piston Rings
Plugs - Expansion
Plugs - Magnetic
Plugs - Oil Drain
Plugs - Standard
Push Rods
Radiator/Oil Fans
Rering Kits
Restoration Engine Parts
Rocker Arm Components - Adjusting Screws
Rocker Arm Components - Ball Washers
Rocker Arm Components - Nuts
Rocker Arm Shafts
Rocker Arm Studs
Rocker Arm Washers
Rocker Arms
Rocker Assemblies and Kits
Rocker Stud Girdles
Serpentine Belts
Short Blocks
Spark Plugs
Thread Repair
Thrust Washers
Timing Belts
Timing Chain Belt Tensioner
Timing Chains Gears Sprockets
Timing Components
Timing Covers
Tranmission Adaptors
Valve Covers
Valve Grinding Bench
Valve Guide Liners
Valve Guides
Valve Keys
Valve Lifter Balls
Valve Lifters
Valve Locks and Seals
Valve Seat Inserts
Valve Spring Inserts
Valve Spring Retainers
Valve Springs
Valve Stem Oil Seals
Valve Train Parts
Water Pumps
Water Tubes
Engine Equipment & Preparation
Air Flow Benches
Air Handling Systems
Balance Shaft Elimination Kit
Balance Shaft Line Boring Equipment
Balancing Accessories
Balancing Equipment
Belt Sander
Bench Grinder
Block Pressure Testing Equipment
Boring Bar Inserts
Boring Bar Tool Bits
Boring Machines/Connecting Rod
Boring Machines/Cylinder
Boring Machines/Line
Boring Stand (For Portable Boring Machines)
Brass Fittings
Broken Bolt Extractors
Bushing Bearing & Seal Driver Sets
CAD/CAM Software
Cam Bearing Installation Tool
Camshaft Grinders
Cap & Rod Grinder
CBN Inserts - New
CBN Inserts - Resurfaced
Cleaning Specialized Engine
CNC Machining Centers
CNC Retrofit Kits
Compressed Air Equipment
Connecting Rod Gauges
Coolant Filter Machines
Core Shift Tester
Crack Repair Equipment
Crankshaft Balance Weights
Crankshaft Furnace
Crankshaft Grinders
Crankshaft Journal Weld Kits
Crankshaft Polisher
Crankshaft Polishing Belts
Crankshaft Straightener
Crankshaft Welder
Cylinder Head Adapter Plates
Cylinder Head Assembly/Disassembly Equip.
Cylinder Head Chamfering Tool
Cylinder Head Gauge
Cylinder Head Holders
Cylinder Head Polishing
Cylinder Head Porting
Cylinder Head Pressure Tester
Cylinder Head Straightening
Cylinder Hone Stops
Cylinder Porting Tools
Cylinder Sleeve Press
Dial Bore Gauges
Diamond Dressers
Diesel Injector Hole Repair Tools
Diesel Injector Sleeve Installation Tool
Dowel Pullers
Dye Penetrant Inspection
Engine Adaptor Plates
Engine Cycle Analyzer
Engine Dollies
Engine Lift Fixtures
Exhaust Leak Detection
Feeler Gauges
Flexible Honing Tools/Brush Hones
Flywheel Grinder
Freeze Plug Tool
Gasket Scrapers
Grinder Head Straightening
Grinding Coolants
Grinding Wheels
Hardness Testers
Head/Block Crack Repair Kits
Head/Block Resurfacing (Belt/Sanders)
Head/Block Resurfacing (Milling)
Heat Tabs Temperature Sticks
Holding Fixtures
Hone Stop Fixture
Honing Jigs
Honing Machines Wrist Pin
Honing Machines/Cylinder
Honing Machines/Line
Honing Machines/Rod
Honing Machines/Valve Guide
Honing Plates
Honing Stones
Ignition System Testers
In-Process Gauges(Cam and Crank Grinders)
Inspection Gauges
Leak Down Tester
Leveling Device
Magnetic Particle Inspection Crack Detection
Micropolishing Equipment
OHC Line Boring Tools
Oil Leak Detection
Parts Cleaner/Chemical
PCD Inserts - New
Performance Coatings
Pin Fitting & Rod Reconditioning/Testing
Pin Press
Pin Removal
Piston Knurler
Piston Ring Compressors
Pre-Cup Machining Tools
Push Rod Guide Plates
Reamers and Special Tools
Replacement Chuck for Valve Facers
Ring Tools
Rocker Arm Grinder
Rod Alignment
Rod Bolt Protectors
Rod Furnace
Rod Vises
Run-In Stands
Sandpaper Belts/Wheels
Spark Plug Thread Repair Kits
Stud Pullers
Test Equipment
Thickness Gauge
Thread Gauges
Thread Replacement Kit
Torque Plates
Ultrasonic Test Equipment
Vacuum Tester
Valve Guide & Seat Machine
Valve Guide Boring Fixture
Valve Guide Hone
Valve Guide Knurling
Valve Guide Pilot
Valve Guide Reamer
Valve Guide Tool
Valve Refacer (Cutter)
Valve Refacer (Grinder)
Valve Refacer Wheels
Valve Seat & Guide Driver Set
Valve Seat Cutters
Valve Seat Inserter
Valve Seat Pullers
Valve Seat Resurfacer
Valve Seat Runout Gauge
Valve Seat Tool Grinder
Valve Seat Wheels
Valve Spring Compressor
Valve Spring Testers
Valve Stem Grinder
Valve Stem Height Measuring
Valve Stem Polisher
Water Tube Puller
Wet Flow Bench Conversions
Supplies & Service
Chemicals & Solvents
Adhesive Dispensing Equipment
Aluminum Cleaners
Carbon & Paint Stripper
Cleaners General Use
Component Part Coatings
Engine Additives
Engine Assembly Fluid/Prelube
Engine Coolant
Flush Solvent
Insulating Varnishes
Penetrating Oil
Polyester Resins
Rust Inhibitors
Rust Remover
Spray Paints
Steam Cleaning Compound
Synthetic Brake Assembly Fluid
Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals
Vapor Degreasers
Zinc Oil Additives
Core Cleaning & Processing
Abrasive Blast Guns
Agitating Degreaser
Air Dryers
Airless Shot Blasters
Antifreeze Recyclers
Baking Ovens
Belt Sander (Special Applications)
Blasting Cabinets
Burnoff Ovens
Core Sorting Identification Equipment
Dust Collectors
Filter Systems
Filtration System/Solvent Reclaimer (Waste/Clean)
Glass Bead Shot
Loaders Dumpers
Metal Shot
Oil/Water Separators
Paint Booths
Parts Cleaning Brushes
Parts Washer (Automatic)
Parts Washer (Hand)
Parts Washer Baskets
Plastic Media
Pressure Blasters
Pressure Washers
Salt Bath Equipment
Sand Blasting Media
Sanding Belts
Shot Peening Equipment
Shot Removal Equipment
Spray Cleaner Equipment
Steam Cleaner Equipment
Surface Prep Discs
Torque Converter Flusher
Tumbling Media
Ultrasonic Washers
Vibratory Finishing Equipment
Waste Disposal Systems
Waste Water Processing Systems
Wet Blasting
Wet Slurry Blasting
Cranes & Hoists
Engine Hoists
Engine Stands
Floor Cranes
Floor Jacks Stands
Portable Air or Electric Hoists
Truck Hoists
Hand Cleaners
Hand Cleaners
Protective Coatings
Hand Tools
Assembly Tools
Diagnostic Tools
Dial Indicators
Die Tools
Heat Guns
Inspection Mirrors
Mechanics Tools
Pneumatic Tools
Soldering Tools
Wire Brushes
All Weather Lubricant Spray
Aluminum Cutting/Tapping Oil
Break-In Oil
Engine Oil
Engine Oil (Racing)
Engine Pre-Lubricant
Graphite Oil Spray
Grinding Compounds
Grinding Coolants
Grinding Filters
Honing Oil
Knurling/Reaming Oil
Moly Paste
Oil Spray
Silicone Spray
Air Presses
Arbor Presses
Hydraulic Presses
Jack Presses
Association Member Services
Catalog - General
Catalog - OEM Parts
Computer Hardware
Computer Programming
Computerized Price Updating
Core Inspection/Consolidation
Core Warehousing/Transportation
Cryogenic Treatment - Engine Components
Customized Boxes
Cylinder Surface Preparation
Electronic Cataloging
Engine Cleaning Services
Engine Disassembly Services
Hazardous Waste Disposal Services
Insurance Program
Leasing Services
Machining Services - General
Repair & Blueprint Manuals
SAE Rubber Parts Testing
Sales/Marketing Materials
Shop Design Services
Shop Management Software
Warranty Programs
Waste Filtration Systems
Corrosion Inhibiting Packaging
Crankshaft Bags
Cylinder Head Bags/Boxes
Engine Bags
Protective Covers/Containers
Returnable Engine/Core Cases
Storage Racks & Benches
Assembly Benches
Crankshaft Storage Racks
Drain Carts
Driveline Storage Racks
Engine Block Storage Racks
Portable Work Stations
Trade Shows & Expositions
Trade Shows & Expositions
Arc Welding Equipment
Flame Spray Welding/Cast Iron Repair
Gas Welding Equipment
General Welding Equipment
MIG Welding Equipment
Smoke & Fume Removal
TIG Welding Equipment
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