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LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge

To preserve the original power and fuel economy of diesel engines, deposits should be removed from the injection system on a regular basis. LIQUI MOLY’s Diesel Purge is an additive for retaining opt...

C1 Cover HP BG copy


SEMA Report Examines the Powersports Accessories Market

C1 Cover HP BG copy


SEMA Report Examines the Powersports Accessories Market


February 2014

Assembling the Pieces of Our 392 Magnum Project

Vintage V8s: Exploring 100 Years of Cadillac Engines

Weighing in on Balancing Work

Pick-a-Part: Selecting Valvetrain Components for a Performance Build

Choosing the 'Right' Oil

Rebuilding Liberty: Engine Notes on Jeep's 2.4L I4 Engine


January 2014

Engine Builder Shop Solutions - January 2014

The Inner Workings of Variable Valve Timing

Racing "Spec" -tacle: Engine-Related Rule Book Changes for 2014

December Issue Shop Solutions for Engine Builders