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Modern Machining

Advancements in engine machining technology have truly moved this industry firmly into the space age. Highly developed abrasives and computer numeric controlled (CNC) software are found at almost ever...


November 2015

Modern Machining

Super Class Act: Super Comp Engines and Drivers are a Different Breed

Shop Solutions November 2015


July 2015

Lake Headers


October 2015

The Little Details Add to Your Bottom Line

Building Trophy-Winning, Comp-Grade Engines

Direct Injection Gas and Diesel Technology

Keep the Valvetrain on Track


September 2015


August 2015


Equipment Connection August 2015


Power Stroke May 2015


Equipment Connection May 2015


June, 2015

Measuring Micrometers

Machine Shop Market Profile

Dynamo Dynamometers

When Oil and Water Mix - The Marine Engine Market

Performance V6 and Four Bangers

Chicago Auto Show Display Takes 1.0L EcoBoost Apart

Vanishing V8s: Downsizing Engines

Choosing the Right Oil Pump

Losing a National Treasure - True Craftsmanship

Shop Solutions June 2015


May, 2015

Allison Power

Building for Biodiesel

Rebuilding the Ford 6.4L Power Stroke

High Performance Diesel Crankshafts, Connecting Rods & Pistons

Diesel Oils Will Soon Be Changing

Performance Diesel Upgrades

Shop Solutions June 2015


Green Guide

Engine Shops Are Cleaning Up

Being Green Takes Some 'Engine'uity

Parts Cleaning


April, 2015

How to Hot Rod a Fairmont

CNG and Propane Engine Builds

Parts Coatings

Building Stocks and Sprints

Parts Cleaning

How Not to Lose the Race to the Bottom

Why Diesels Have Become 'Greener' and How You Can Benefit

Shop Solutions April 2015



What Does Ethanol Mean To Your Shop?

Forced Induction Facts

More Power Inside - Muscle Cars

Winning With Your Own Engines

Wisconsin Winners


March, 2015

Timing Components

Engine Block and Head Repair

Wisconsin Winners

Turning Over Industrial Engine Business

Who Do You Want To Work For?

Shop Solutions March 2015


February, 2015

Piston and Sleeve Finishing and Break-In Tips

Cavitation Erosion in Diesel Cylinders

Understanding Ring Gaps

Tuning Forced Induction Engines

Important Facts to Share for Your Customer's Next Diesel Oil Change

The Challenges and Opportunities of Variable Valve Timing

FE Dyno Pulls Show Benefits of Carburetors and EFI

New Engines Force New Pistons

Old Fire Trucks Need Engine Work Too

Knowledge is Power

Honda 3.5L Cylinder Head Removal/Install Procedures

Understanding the LT1’s New Direct Injection

Rebuilding Tips on the ISX

Ford 4.6/5.4L 3V Start-Up Noise

Shop Solutions February 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.47.34 AM

January 2015

Damien Was All Wrong

Wilmington Mile Engine Builders

Racing Engine Rule Issues for 2015

Headmaster Jagersberger - Converting Flatheads into OHV Engines

Picking a Racing Oil

The 392 Magnum V8 Build is a Wrap

Shop Solutions January 2015