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The Future Of OEMs In The Reman Aftermarket


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Some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the independent automotive remanufacturing industry have maintained a symbiotic relationship since the introduction of the first automobiles; other OEMs are still lagging behind when it comes to getting involved in reman automotive aftermarket sales.

However, today the future of the relationship between the two is critical not only to the OEMs and production engine rebuilders, (PERs) that supply them, but also to the small machine shop owner who will have to meet the challenges and find the opportunities provided as OEMs continue to grow their involvement with remanufactured engine programs.

Production lines

Automakers continually make changes to engines, transmissions and other essential vehicle components, some of which can be completely redesigned every five to 10 years or even less. The new car sales boom of recent years means that car manufacturers have had to meet increased demand for new vehicles, including the production of new engine designs or engine components for existing engine models.


This demand for engines and component parts for new vehicles has not made it economical for many vehicle makers to use new production lines to manufacture replacement service parts for vehicles requiring either warranty or nonwarranty service replacement engines and/or parts. And, rest assured, those cars will need replacement parts at some point. OEM plants cannot keep up with the service demands for their out-of-warranty vehicles, and it

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