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Engine Balancing Traditional and Niche Market Opportunities, John Witt


Like many segments of the auto market, automotive machine shops have seen technology changes, changes in marketing/distribution channels (crate motors, for example) and the consolidation of shops. Staying competitive and profitable can be a daily challenge.

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The selection of services you offer and the direction in which you grow your business has never been more critical than it is today. Balancing services are one operation that can offer stability and growth in what is otherwise a mature market. Balancing allows a shop to offer services that cross the traditional lines of an automotive machine shop.

We often hear someone saying how hot the performance market is. In reality, the performance market has been hot or at least in a growth mode for 25 years. One reason we may notice it more today is because of the consolidation which is taking place in the traditional rebuilding market.


For years, the performance market has embraced the benefits of balancing and sold these services to its customers. This market segment has a couple of unique characteristics that are worth discussing. First, the dollars typically allotted for the services are driven by an individual

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