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Improving engine balance on 1992-2001 GM 6.5L VIN 7, F, P, S and Y diesel truck engines


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Engine Builders: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on improving engine balance on 1992-2001 GM 6.5L VIN 7, F, P, S and Y diesel truck engines. This information should be considered any time this engine is remanufactured.

While some owners of these engines have accepted the original driveability condition as normal, others have complained of "rough running" and have looked for methods of improving that condition. AERA members report that these engines may be balanced to produce smoother operation by adding heavy metal to each end of the crankshaft.

When the engine rotating assembly is rebalanced using 50 percent of the reciprocating weight and 100 percent of the rotating weight, members report that some customers have said they have never experienced such smooth running and quicker acceleration. Some AERA member shops rebalance all 6.5L engines to improve driveability and performance.


Engine Builders: The AERA Technical Committee has provided information regarding valve seat failures on 1997-2001 Ford 2.0L VIN P engines found in the Escort. Intake valve seat breakage has been reported on cylinder heads with the casting number of FCE-AA.

When these intake valves fail, they tend to shatter into tiny pieces because they are made of a powdered metal.

When a valve job is performed, it is common procedure for the mechanic to just pull the intake and exhaust manifolds aside to provide enough room to remove the cylinder head. When a seat shatters, pieces may enter the intake and/or exhaust manifolds.


Replacement of all intake seats (using a hardened seat) is suggested to prevent failure at the other intake valve seat locations.

Engine Builders: Automotive machine shop owners should be aware of changes made regarding head gaskets used on Chrysler 1998 and later VIN N 2.5L V6 engines. This engine is manufactured by Mitsubishi for Chrysler and is found in the Avenger, Sebring, Cirrus, Stratus and Sebring convertible vehicle models.

Changes were made to the head gasket on 2.5L V6 engines beginning in model year 1998. The changes included a new steel head gasket along with piston changes to compensate for the reduced clearance.


When replacing head gaskets or pistons, it is important to use the correct part number. Composite head gaskets were installed on these engines from 1995-



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