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Chrome Plated Intake Valve Stems For 1993-2001 Navistar Dt408, Dt466/466e And 530/530e Engines


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Engine Builders: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on chrome plated intake valve stems for 1993-2001 Navistar DT408, DT466/466E and 530/530E engines. The revised intake valves are introduced as a product improvement for increased durability and are suggested for use any time the cylinder head is serviced.

To reduce the valve stem wear of intake valves for these engines, the method of chroming the stem has been revised. The new valves are fully chrome plated as opposed to flash chromed (the difference is thickness: flash chromed is typically .0002˝ thick; fully chromed is .001˝ or more thick). The part number (suffix) of the new intake valve has been advanced (C1 to C2) to recognize the change.


It is important to note that this change applies only to the intake valves as the exhaust valve has always been fully chrome plated for reduced stem wear.

The service part number (suffix) of the cylinder head assembly is also advanced (92 to 93 and 94 to 95) to include the revised intake valve chroming process.

The following new part numbers are designed for the following applications:



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