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13th Annual Advanced Engine Technology Conference


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For most of my adult life, I have wished that I could have access to the "inner sanctum" of engine building and automotive technology. Then I could get a good look behind the door, talk to the movers and shakers, find answers or opinions for those "what if", or "how do I", questions that always pop up in the middle of a project.

Five years ago I started attending the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) in Colorado Springs, CO, hosted by Superflow, and discovered that this is the "behind the door place" I had been seeking.


The format of the conference is a program of formal presentations covering a wide range of primarily performance engine related topics, woven into a four-day setting that puts movers and shakers of the automotive world together, and maximizes the networking opportunity that those of us less knowledgeable types can utilize to its fullest.

Where else can you get the undivided attention of Joe Mondello to answer your questions on air flow, or ask Myron Cottrell a question about EFI systems, or benefit from the experience of Bob Keller of Turbonetics to solve your turbocharging problem, when they are not busy with a hundred other demands on their time?


Over the past five years, I have personally benefited from conversations with and advice from, the likes of

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