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At my shop, Import Machine Service in Framingham, MA, we do a lot of flow testing and head porting, and are continually working to improve induction systems. Our work, however, is limited to aluminum only. Because I do work for many racers, I get many requests to do “performance” enhancements.

Over the years, Mazda Miatas have developed quite a following. These little roadsters are now very popular on racetracks and streets across the country. With classes from Spec Miata (a road racing class with stock, equally prepared cars and strict rules) to CSP Autocross and SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) road racing classes, the venues to run these cars are virtually limitless.

In 1990, the Miata emerged, along with a multi-million dollar ad campaign, as a very desirable, “fun” car for the motoring public. The early cars came with a 1.6L 16-valve twin-cam engine. The 1.6L was bumped up to a 1.8L for the



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