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Preserving Performance – Helping Engines Keep Their Edge


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Preserving performance should be a factor foremost in the mind of any performance engine shop. Taking steps to preserve performance not only preserves or enhances your reputation but it also has the same effect on your bank balance. When a high performance engine starts to lose its edge it can almost always be traced back primarily to ring seal and, to a lesser extent, valve seal.

If bore and ring wear can be reduced the repercussions are all positive. Not only do the compression components last longer and perform better but the fact that less iron particles are finding their way into the oil means less bearing wear as well. There are a ton of products out there that claim to make wear reductions and I, along with 99 percent of pro engine builders, tend to regard them mostly, and with good reason, as snake oils. But occasionally there are exceptions. Here are two that you can not only save but actually make money on.


We all know that N2O injection is instant power but lurking in the background there is always the concern that it carries with it the penalty of extra wear. So long as the quantities of nitrous injected are within the engine

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