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Avoid Do-Overs


For those of you who have your own children or you are exposed to them on a regular basis, you know that at some point in time you are going to hear the phrase "Do Over!"

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What is a D.O.? It usually occurs after you have a complete and utter meltdown; a screw up; a brain cramp, as I like to call them. In the innocent world of a child it means you forget whatever it was that happened and you get to "do it over" as though the original crash and burn never occurred.

In the world of remanufacturing, unfortunately, a D.O. is called a chargeable warranty, the one thing you want to avoid like having a picnic on top of an ant colony.

Well, here we all are in a New Year hoping that it will be better than the last, so I thought that I would look at some situations that keep rearing their ugly heads. I looked over what I considered to be repeated D.O. questions, and in my search I found that many of them had to do with crankshafts. I thought that we could look at them together to avoid them as D.O.

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