I'm curious: what are the special markings on 1994-'02 Chrysler 8.0L engines for anyway? - Engine Builder Magazine
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I’m curious: what are the special markings on 1994-’02 Chrysler 8.0L engines for anyway?


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The AERA Technical Committee warns that engine damage may result if some of the special markings found on 1994-2002 Chrysler 8.0L VIN E & W, V10 engines are not taken into consideration.

Information identifying undersize crankshaft journals, oversize cylinder bores, oversize valve lifters and oversize valve stems is stamped on the engine in various locations. The special marks are as follows:

The letter “A” stamped after the engine serial number on the cylinder block indicates .020? (.510 mm) oversize cylinder block.

The letter “R” or “M” stamped on the flat area of the No. 8 crankshaft counterweight is used to indicate .001? (.025 mm) undersize components. For example, an “R2” indicates the No. 2 rod bearing journal is .001? (.025 mm) undersize, and “M2” indicates the No. 2 main bearing journal is .001? (.025 mm) undersize.


A diamond shaped stamp on the top pad at the front of the cylinder block on a flat surface near the outside of the valve lifter bore indicates .008? (.200 mm) oversize valve lifters.

An “X” stamped on the machined pad area adjacent to the two 3/8? tapped holes at each end of the cylinder head indicates .005? (.130 mm) oversize valve stems.

This information should be considered and checked any time the engine is rebuilt.

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