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Valve lifter caution on 1994-2002 Chrysler 8.0L VIN E & W, V10 engines


Engine Builders: The AERA reports the following valve lifter caution on 1994-2002 Chrysler 8.0L VIN E & W, V10 engines. If special attention is not given to the lifters or the block during assembly, a valve train noise may result.

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The lifters that are used in this engine may come with an oil bleed hole in the lifter itself. When installing these lifters into the cylinder block, make sure the oil bleed hole is facing the front of the engine or a valve train noise may be noticed. The lifter can be installed in any direction if there is no bleed hole in it.

Another situation that could cause a valve train noise is a possible oversize lifter that was installed in the engine. Chrysler offers oversized lifters for this engine and may have been installed in a previous rebuild. If a standard lifter was reinstalled in this engine, valve train noise could occur.


One way to tell if the block has oversized lifters is by what is stamped on the block. A diamond shaped stamp on the top pad at the front of the cylinder block on a flat surface near the outside of the valve lifter bore indicates .008? lifters are being used.

A reason for an oversize lifter may be because the lifter bore in the cylinder block was scored, scuffed or showed signs of sticking. Reaming out the bore to the next oversize and installing an oversize lifter is a practice performed in the field.

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