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The Final Wrap: At Mid-Ohio School, The Song Remains The Same


Engine Builder reader Rich Tomolonis came up to me the other day, grinning like a schoolboy, and proceeded to vigorously shake my hand.

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Just when I started thinking he was excited to meet me, I listened a little closer to what he was saying. Yeah, he was excited, but it wasn’t because of me – it was because of the No. 11 Acura RSX that he had just climbed out of after spending two days learning the fastest line through an off-camber turn at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

And here’s the thing – the song he was singing is a tune I’ve heard before.

From John Kutz, of Arcola, IL. From Kevin O’Grady, of Willoughby, OH. From Bruce Hevner of Anderson, SC. Each of them, like Tomolonis, has been a winner in Engine Builder’s “Read For Speed” contest, and each has reported to me that the two-day Acura High Performance Driving Course they participated in was an unbelievable experience.


In fact, because John, Kevin and Bruce each had such praise for the school, I jokingly accused Steve Bidlack, director of The Mid-Ohio School, of giving graduates a script to follow. Then, seconds later, Tomolonis launched into his rendition of the same story. It was priceless.

The Mid-Ohio School, held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH, offers 11 different driving courses to meet every skill level, from teen defensive driving courses to competition classes for licensed racers. Mid-Ohio instructors have raced at just about every level imaginable, including Formula 1, the Indianapolis 500, Pike’s Peak and the 24 Hours of LeMans. Think they can teach you something? Tomolonis points out, “I’ve been driving for decades. I thought I knew how to drive! It’s incredible what I learned!”


How do you get your own copy of The Mid-Ohio songbook? There are two ways. The first is simple: visit and click on the Read For Speed link. Read the rules, answer the questions based on advertisements in this issue, and you’ll be entered into our quarterly random drawing. You could win airfare and hotel accommodations in addition to the full two-day Acura High Performance Driving Course.

The second way is even easier – and it’s guaranteed to get you a seat in one of the school’s Acura RSXs: call 877-793-TMOS to find out when the next classes are available. Mention that you read about the program in Engine Builder and you’ll receive 10 percent off your tuition.


Whether you’re looking to get a competition racing license or you’re just interested in improving your driving skills, The Mid-Ohio School has something to offer. And from what I see, there’s plenty of room in the choir.

Thanks not only to the Mid-Ohio School, but also to our program sponsors: AERA, Sunnen Products, King Engine Bearings, Melling Engine Parts and Rol Gaskets for making this program possible.

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