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Coretalk: Cummins, Scania Joint Venture To Produce Next-Generation Fuel Systems

Cummins-Scania XPI Manufacturing LLP is a 50/50 joint venture, which builds on Cummins-Scania partnerships in fuel systems development and manufacturing that date to January 1992. The two companies currently produce the HPI fuel system, which eventually will be replaced by the XPI (Xtra-High Pressure Injection) system.

The XPI common rail fuel system is expected to be manufactured by the joint venture company located at the Cummins Fuel Systems facility in Columbus, OH, and at the Cummins plant in Juarez, Mexico.

“The XPI system represents the leading edge of fuel systems technology and is a continuation of our strong relationship with Scania,” said Cummins President and Chief Operating Officer Joe Loughrey. “The XPI system will be instrumental in allowing Cummins to meet future EPA on-highway requirements and in keeping Cummins at the forefront of emission technology.”

The first XPI systems will be produced in early 2006

EPWI Names 2004 Vendor And Representative ‘Of The Year’ At Awards Dinner

Engine & Performance Warehouse (EPWI) has named Total Seal as its 2004 Vendor of the Year. The award was presented to Dan Qualls, National Sales Manager for Total Seal, Inc. a supplier of gapless and traditional high performance piston rings, and new “Advanced Profiling” steel ring sets.

The annual Vendor of the Year award is presented to the supplier or manufacturer based on scores in seven categories including distribution/sales polices, pricing policies, inventory, returns, labor claims, office support and shipping/packaging. Past recipients of this award include Pioneer, B&P Rods, COMP Cams, Cylinder Head Center, Clevite Engine Parts and Dura-Bond Bearing Co.

EPWI’s 2004 Representative of the Year was given to Rich Butler Marketing Representative with R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc. A very surprised Butler accepted his award during the ceremony. The Rep of the Year is selected annually on a rotating basis by region, using combined votes based on scores in three categories: sales support, distribution philosophies, and timely and accurate follow-through. Butler provides sales and marketing support to EPWI for ARP, COMP Cams, Edelbrock, MSD and TCI.

Worldwide Auto Sales To Grow Significantly By 2011, Says Forecast Firm

Global sales of light vehicles will surge from 57 million last year to 69 million in 2011, predicts CSM Worldwide Inc.

The Farmington Hills, MI.-based forecasting firm says about 25 percent of the growth will occur in central and eastern Europe, where it expects light-vehicle sales to grow 15 percent to 23 million over the period.

Asia – which will account for at least 42 percent of global auto production by 2015 – is a major factor too, according to CSM. It estimates emerging markets there and elsewhere will account for 92 percent of the growth in auto production from 2000 to 2015.

Egge Machine Company Promotes Ernie Silvers To Company CEO

Egge Machine Company has announced the appointment of Ernie Silvers to the position of CEO. He takes over from Robert Egge who will remain president. “Egge may be in its 90th year, but we have no intention of getting old,” said Egge. “We are pleased to have Ernie at the helm of the company. His successful track record makes him the ideal person to further strengthen Egge’s brand name and its commitment to serving the industry.”

“Egge is a tremendous company with a fascinating history,” says Silvers, “Like the nostalgic engine marketplace, we’ve no intention of slowing down.” Silvers, who has nearly 20 years of sales and management experience in the automotive aftermarket, began his Egge career in 1995 as sales manager. He has served as vice president and general manager for the past seven years. Silvers and his wife Dee live in Moreno Valley, CA.

Egge Machine Company is a third generation family business that was established in 1915. Egge is a piston manufacturer specializing in obsolete and hard-to-find internal engine components for domestic vehicles manufactured from the early 1900s to 1980.

For more information visit

Snap-On Signs Five-Year Sponsorship Extension With ‘Stars Of Karting’ Series

Strengthening its dedication to the “Stars of Karting” racing series, Snap-on Tools Co. has announced the signing of an additional five-year title sponsorship of the series. With the support of Snap-on and its President Alan Biland, “Stars of Karting presented by the IRL” plans to remain at the forefront of excitement and developing the newest stars in all of motorsports.
“Continuing the sponsorship was a natural progression into a more in-depth relationship with the sport of karting, its drivers and fan base,” said Biland.

Karting has developed over the years from a hobbyist pastime to an internationally recognized form of competitive racing. Stars of Karting and the entire sport have helped launch many careers of leading open-wheeled professional drivers and drivers of other popular racing types, including IndyCar Series driver Brian Herta, who is also a co-owner of the Stars of Karting series.

“Kart racing has quickly developed into a North American and global enthusiast favorite over the years,” said Carl Johanson, Snap-on’s motorsports marketing manager. “As we continue our Snap-on Stars of Karting partnership for five more years, we hope to help maintain Stars’ place as the premier karting event.”

Although the specifics of the sponsorship were not discussed, the previous relationship allowed Snap-on branding at all events and on all vehicles, as well as primary choice for sponsorships and advertising of Speed TV broadcasts. National event winners will also receive Snap-on tools as a primary award.

For more information about the series visit

Remanufacturing Book Now Available In Six Languages, Says APRA

The Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) has announced that the book “Remanufacturing: The Ultimate Form of Recycling” was recently released in Korean.

“The Korea National Cleaner Production Center published the Korean version with my permission,” author Rolf Steinhilper stated. “The world community is really beginning to understand the powerful message of remanufacturing and its tremendous contributions to saving natural resources, reducing energy consumption by 85 percent, keeping products out of landfills and reducing air pollution.”

Bill Gager, APRA president, said, “We are pleased that Rolf Steinhilper’s book on remanufacturing has received such worldwide attention. It is great to see that decision makers around the world also see that this pro-environment industry is also a tremendous engine for job creation in these countries. There is a bright future for our industry as more and more people understand this powerful message of the environment coupled with employment.”

For details on how you can order the book contact APRA at (703) 968-2772, ext 103, or [email protected]. The book is also available in English, German, French, Italian and Japanese.

Fel-Pro Publishes 2005 Gaskets Catalog Supplement

Fel-Pro has published a master catalog supplement featuring 418 new part numbers – including 21 new Fel-Pro PermaTorqueMLS multi-layer steel head gaskets – covering a broad range of popular domestic and import engines. The new supplement, No. 900S-05, is the largest mid-year catalog update in the brand’s 87-year history.

Fel-Pro’s 21 new PermaTorqueMLS part numbers extends its coverage of a variety of popular light truck and SUV engines from General Motors and Ford, as well as the Opel 3.0L engine used in many Saturn, Cadillac and Saab models.

Other popular engines now covered by the PermaTorqueMLS product line are Dodge 3.7L and 4.7L, Toyota 4.7L, Oldsmobile 4.0L Northstar and Nissan 3.3L. The supplement also includes 18 Fel-Pro PermaTorqueSD solid-steel core head gaskets for severe duty applications.

In addition to expanded head gasket coverage, the new catalog supplement features the Fel-Pro brand’s premium PermaDryPlus intake manifold gaskets for several popular light truck engines, a variety of new problem-solving PermaDry molded-rubber gaskets, the complete line of new Fel-Pro head installation sets (HIS) and 10 new EngineSaver head bolt sets.

The supplement also introduces the brand’s full coverage of 1995-2004 Hyundai and Kia applications.

To receive a free copy of the 2005 Fel-Pro Gaskets Catalog Supplement, please contact your Fel-Pro supplier, send an e-mail to [email protected] or write to: Fel-Pro Gaskets, 26555 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48034. Additional information about Fel-Pro gaskets is available online at

New Better-Burning Engine Technology: Threat Or Opportuntiy?

As gas prices continue to escalate, consumers are considering alternatives that include smaller vehicles, diesels and even the more expensive hybrid powertrains. As the market shifts to new or different types of engines, the automotive specialty-equipment industry needs to actively anticipate these changes in order to provide consumers the performance parts they demand. OEMs are continually trying to develop cleaner-burning and more efficient engines, and these new engines could pose a threat or opportunity to some automotive specialty-equipment companies. If new engine technologies are applied to large gas-guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, allowing for increased fuel economy, consumers may shift back to these larger vehicles. The following article found on describes a new engine-ignition technology being developed by GM and Bosch.

General Motors Corp. is teaming up with parts maker Robert Bosch GmbH and Stanford University in California to perfect a complex engine-ignition technology that could burn gas and diesel fuels cleaner and more efficiently.

Under the three-year, $2.5 million program, GM, Bosch and Stanford researchers will work to accelerate the development of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI), a spark-less combustion technology automakers have been struggling for 25 years to master.

Polk Study Finds Rising Gas Prices Getting Personal

Consumers are telling auto manufacturers they want fuel-efficient vehicles; they are reducing how much they drive and they will factor the price of gas into decisions concerning both the timing and type of vehicles they purchase, according to results from a public opinion poll and forthcoming study by the Polk Center for Automotive Studies.

“As expected, sales are down in the major gas- guzzling segments: traditional large cars and full-size sport utility vehicles,” said Lonnie Miller, director of industry analysis for the Polk Center for Automotive Studies.

Virtually all respondents (99 percent) nationwide have noticed the price of gas rise over the past 12 months. Consumer awareness of gas prices is high. Consumers recognize that they have choices when facing increasing fuel expenses. The easiest choice, driving less, is a potential solution for 59 percent of respondents. Consumers in the Western region felt strongest on this issue, with 88 percent saying they would consider a hybrid, whereas only 74 percent of Northeasterners agreed.

Switching to a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle is the obvious choice for many. “More consumers are opting out of these gas guzzlers for compact SUVs and midsize cars,” said Miller. Even midsize SUV owners are “downsizing” their vehicles.

While rising fuel prices impact consumers nationwide, the study also notes regional and income trends. More respondents in the Western region (61 percent) reported that fuel prices will affect their next vehicle choice, whereas Midwesterners are most likely to delay their next vehicle purchase. Regarding vehicle choice and purchase timing, Northeasterners were consistently least likely to change their behavior.

“Lower income households will bear more than their share of the rising prices’ impact. Seventy-six percent of lower income respondents reported that they will drive less compared to 49 percent of higher income households,” said Jeff Martini, vice president, Polk Center for Automotive Studies. Respondents with lower incomes were about 50 percent more likely to be actively looking to change their vehicle to a more fuel-efficient model than their higher income counterparts. They were also nearly 40 percent more likely to delay their next vehicle purchase if gas prices continue to rise.

New 2005 Edition of AAIA’s “Financial Benchmarks for Success”

Many motor vehicle aftermarket distributors struggle to make the right financial comparisons to other companies in their industry. As the marketplace continues to become more competitive, companies need the most timely and actionable information available. To help aftermarket distributors make better-informed decisions, AAIA recently completed the 2005 edition of the Financial Benchmarks for Success: A Survey of Aftermarket Distributors.

This report, which was based on a survey of aftermarket distributors, contains data on key financial statistics, including profitability, sales, asset turnover, return on assets and more. The report comes complete with charts, graphs and tables designed to be used as a guide to help you run your business.

In addition, the report also contains specific data for a number of sub-groups, including wholesalers/jobbers, warehouse distributors with outlets, two-step warehouse distributors and PBE jobbers.

The AAIA member price for this report is $99 ($199 for non-members). To order a copy of the publication, please call AAIA’s customer service department at 301-654-6664. For more information or to order online, visit the AAIA website at

RS*R Drifts Towards 2005 NOPI Nationals Motorsports Supershow

NOPI Motorsports (NOPI) announced that suspension and exhaust product supplier RS*R will bring the its Drift Festival exhibition to the 2005 NOPI Nationals Motorsports Supershow. The 19th annual NOPI Nationals Motorsports Supershow, the world’s largest custom car show, returns to Atlanta Motor Speedway on September 17-18.

RS*R has maintained a strong presence in many drifting events in both Japan and the US. In 2005, RS*R’s Drift Festival will make its home at the NOPI Nationals. Team RS*R is lead by the world renown driver Manabu Orido. Top drivers from both the US and Japan have been invited to participate in the festivities, that will make for an unbelievable drifting display at this years show.

“The drifting event has become the fan favorite at the NOPI Nationals,” said Michael Meyers, NOPI president. “NOPI and RS*R represent the very best in the automotive performance industry and the NOPI Nationals will serve as the stage for the world’s best drifters.”

“We hope to bring drifting in its purest for the fans at the NOPI Nationals,” said Ben Chong, director of business development RS*R. “NOPI Nationals showcases the very best in the automotive aftermarket industry and we are pleased to be able to bring the RS*R Drift Festival to the show.”

NASCAR Drivers to Benefit Charities Through Online Auction

What do Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne and Kevin Harvick have in common? If you said, “four of the hottest drivers in NASCAR” you’d be correct, but these high profile drivers also work hard to benefit charitable foundations. On Sept.3-18, race fans and collectors will be able to help raise money for these charities and foundations by bidding on authentic race-used memorabilia and collectibles of these four drivers through an online auction at

Auction items will be a mixture of authentic race-used items that have been donated by the driver or teams. Items include sheet metal and parts from the actual race cars, helmets, uniforms, and rare and unique die-cast collectibles, which have been donated by

As a bonus, the winner of each auction will receive two tickets to meet the driver and have them personally autograph their winning item at a private meet-and-greet. The meet-and-greet with the drivers takes place Oct. 6-7, prior to the NASCAR race weekend at Kansas Speedway. The location of the meet-and-greet will be the facility in Grandview, MO, just minutes south of downtown Kansas City.

This auction is being done exclusively on the Web and there will be no live auction or call-in bids allowed. All proceeds from this auction will benefit each of the drivers’ charitable foundations, and the winning bids are tax deductible. For more information, visit and click on the 2005 Racer’s Charity Auction banner.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton Visits Jamestown Engine Plant

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Cummins Inc.’s Jamestown Engine Plant yesterday to celebrate production of the plant’s 750,000th engine and recognize Cummins as a leader in meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for diesel engines.

Sen. Clinton played a key role in passing legislation that will help the Jamestown Engine Plant continue to grow, while ensuring that the environment benefits from the increasing emphasis on cleaner diesel engines. The legislation – part of the highway funding bill – provides funds to replace or retrofit diesel engines or diesel-powered equipment so they comply with current clean air standards. The EPA predicts that as a result of the legislation, numerous vehicles and construction equipment will be eligible to be replaced, rebuilt or retrofitted with some of the new diesel engines expected to be built at Jamestown.

The Senator has joined Cummins and other engine manufacturers in working to block efforts in Congress to alter or delay new diesel fuel standards which are set to take effect in 2006. Engine manufacturers have invested heavily in technology that relies on the lower-sulfur fuel to meet 2007 emissions regulations.

“I am proud to have worked to pass strong, bipartisan legislation to fund clean diesel technologies,” said Sen. Clinton. “The legislation provides access to billions of dollars to retrofit, repower and replace diesel engines. It will reduce pollution, and create manufacturing jobs at clean diesel technology leaders like Cummins.”

The Jamestown Engine Plant, one of Cummins largest manufacturing facilities, is located in Jamestown, NY, manufactures heavy duty engines (ISM 11 liters and ISX 15 liters), and machine components.

Three Leading Aftermarket Associations Collaborate to Investigate Industry Data Warehouse

Industry studies indicate that significant sales are lost each year due to old, inaccurate and inconsistent data available to aftermarket resellers. As a result, three of the leading automotive aftermarket trade associations have joined to initiate a study to determine the feasibility of an industry data repository and delivery system.

The consortium, known as the Aftermarket Data Trust (ADT), includes staff and member representatives from the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). The ADT has held a series of meetings to research potential solutions to the industry’s challenges of inconsistent data (catalog and product attribute) and delivery methods.

“The automotive aftermarket depends on a tremendous amount of product attribute and catalog application data to conduct business,” said Dr. Mitch Javidi, Digiton chief, whose firm was recently selected to conduct an industry-wide study to identify the needs of companies in the aftermarket. “Just as important as the ability to publish and read this data electronically is the requirement for fast, accurate exchange of data between trading partners. Data about a product or application that is out of date or months behind is a liability and usually results in lost sales.”

A possible benefit to aftermarket parts manufacturers is the elimination of multiple methods of preparing and disseminating data to customers. Currently, each supplier spends significant dollars on creating paper catalogs, CDs and publishing data online.

Aftermarket resellers would benefit from having accurate and current data at the store counter level, which would enable counter people to direct customers to the right part for the right application and avoid losing sales to other local sources.

Javidi added that the purpose of the study is to determine if and how a data repository and distribution system would work, the possible costs for such a system and potential vendors to execute the system.

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Holley Classic Trucks can battery trays for 1981-1987 C/K Series trucks and Blazer/Jimmy/Suburban manufactured to precisely mimic the factory look with all of the original holes and contours. Related Articles – Rocker Arm Tech – Part 1 – Automotive Specialty-Equipment Retail Sales Reach New High – Rebuilders Choice Made from heavy-gauge steel and EDP coated

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Despite what occurred throughout 2020, the specialty-equipment industry showed resilience with industry retail sales climbing from $46.2 billion to a new high of $47.89 billion in the U.S., according to the new 2021 SEMA Market Report. Related Articles – Future of Engine Building: Converting the Masses – Future of Engine Building: The Road Ahead for

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The Power Tour is considered one of the biggest and best road trips in the nation for performance enthusiasts. A variety of special events are scheduled throughout the week, including a highly anticipated cruise night in downtown Memphis (home of CPG) on the Tuesday, June 4. Related Articles – New AETC Website Debuts – PRW

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PRW Opens New Corporate Office and Warehouse Distribution Center

The PRW warehouse distribution center and corporate headquarters in now located in Perris, California. In addition to being designed to maximize storage and order shipping, the facility has an abundance of office space that houses the sales, management and support teams, an employee break room, conference rooms, and a larger engineering and product development department.

Melling, Dura-Bond Consolidate Sales and Marketing Efforts

Charles Barnett, vice president of sales and marketing at Dura-Bond Bearing Co., will be heading up the consoliated efforts between Dura-Bond and Melling. Barnett has been a long-term employee at the company as president prior to the Melling purchase several years ago. He also had a career with ACDelco/General Motors and previously served as general sales