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Bedplate removal and replacement procedures for 2003-’06 Chrysler /Jeep 3.7L V6 VIN K engines are very detailed so follow carefully to avoid unnecessary component replacement.


  1. Remove oil pump. Do not pry on the oil pan gasket when removing the oil pan. The oil pan gasket is mounted to the cylinder block in three locations and will remain attached to the block when removing the oil pan. The gasket cannot be removed with oil pan.

  2. Remove oil pan bolts and oil pan.

  3. Remove oil pump pickup tube and oil pan gasket/windage tray.

  4. Remove the bedplate mounting bolts. Note the location of the two stud bolts for installation.

  5. Remove the connecting rods from crankshaft. The bedplate to cylinder block mating surface is a critical sealing surface, because it contains the lower main bearing halves. Do not pry on or damage this surface in any way. Use care when handling the bedplate, being careful not to drop or damage bearing halves. Installing main bearing halves in the wrong position will cause severe damage to the crankshaft. The bedplate has pry points cast into it. Use these points only (Figure 1).

    Figure 1 & 2

  6. Carefully pry on the pry points to loosen the bedplate, then remove the bedplate.

  7. Remove the crankshaft.

  8. Carefully remove the crankshaft tone wheel.


Main bearings are select fit, being careful to not damage bearing surfaces. Apply sealant to the tone wheel retaining screws prior to installation.

  1. Lubricate upper main bearing halves with clean engine oil.

  2. Install the crankshaft tone wheel. Torque the mounting screws to 21 ft.lbs.

  3. Position crankshaft in cylinder block.

  4. Install the thrust washers. The bedplate to cylinder block mating surface must be coated with Mopar Engine RTV sealant or equivalent prior to installation or severe oil leaks may occur. Make sure the bedplate and cylinder block sealing surfaces are clean and free of oil or other contaminants.

  5. Apply a .100″ (2.5mm) bead of Mopar Engine RTV sealant or equivalent to the cylinder block/bedplate mating surface.

  6. Coat the crankshaft main bearing journals with clean engine oil and position the bedplate onto the cylinder block.

  7. Install the bedplate retaining bolts, making sure to place the stud bolts in the correct location, torque the bolts in sequence (see Figure 2).

    Hand tighten bolts 1D, 1G and 1F until the bedplate contacts the block; Tighten bolts 1- 8 to 20 ft.lbs; Tighten bolts 1A -1J to 25 ft.lbs; Tighten bolts A-E 6 ft.lbs; Turn bolts 1- 8 an additional 66°; Turn bolts 1D, 1G and 1F an additional 42°; Turn bolts 1A, 1B, 1C, 1E, 1H, 1I, and 1J an additional 36°; Turn bolts A-E an additional 32°

  8. Measure crankshaft end play.

  9. Install the connecting rods and measure side clearance.

  10. Position the oil pan gasket/windage tray, using a new O-ring, install the oil pickup tube. Torque the bolt to 20 ft.lbs. and torque the nuts to 20 ft.lbs.

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