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Q: I have experienced problems with blowing oil filter seals off some 4.2L Ford engines. Any solutions?

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A: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding high oil pressure on 1997-2004 Ford 4.2L VIN 2 engines. This condition occurs immediately after engine front cover/oil pump replacement. In some instances, this higher than normal pressure has caused the oil filter seal to blow out, causing a major oil leak.

Engine builders have reported that installing the oil pressure relief spring retaining cup plug the wrong way will lead to high oil pressure. The oil pressure relief valve, spring and cup plug are assembled in the front cover just above the area where the oil pump mounts. Assemble the valve, spring and cup plug as shown in Figure 1. The retaining cap plug is installed in what would seem to be an upside down fashion.

Install the cup plug with the open end towards the spring. Insert valve, insert spring and press the cup plug flush to just below the engine-mounting surface. The cup plug should fit over the spring like a hat. Install front cover and torque to specifications.


Q: Can you tell me the proper main cap torque procedure for BMW M60 engines?

A: The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding the main bearing cap bolts for 1993-’95 BMW 4.0L M60 engines. The assembly procedure to torque the main bearing cap bolts for these engines has changed.

New crankshaft main bearing cap bolts have been introduced in production since approximately 10/1995 on all M60 engines. Previous to this date, M10 hex or Torx head type bolts were used to secure the main bearing caps to the cylinder block. After that date, M11 Torx head type bolts are used. Along with the change of bolts came a change in the amount of applied bolt torque to use when assembling the caps to the block.


Note: If repairs involving the removal and installation of the crankshaft main bearing cap bolts becomes necessary, new bolts must always be used during reassembly. New bolts are coated; do not remove coating before assembly.

These main caps also use side bolts to secure them to the block, which consist of protective bushings and bolts. BMW suggest using new side bolts while bushings may be reused. Tighten the threaded protective bushings to 8 ft.lbs. (10Nm). The side bolts should be torqued to 15 ft.lbs. (20 Nm) and then rotated 45°.

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