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The following information updates the previously published service procedure and should be used for crankshaft and piston assembly on 1996-1997 Subaru Legacy engines (2200cc, 2500cc).

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1) Install connecting rod bearings on connecting rods and connecting rod caps. Apply oil to the surfaces of the connecting rod bearings.

2) Install connecting rod on crankshaft. Position each connecting rod with the side marked facing forward.

3) Install connecting rod cap (Connecting Rod Bolt Tightening Torque: 33 ft.lbs., 45 Nm). Ensure the arrow on the connecting rod cap faces the front during installation. Each connecting rod has its own mating cap. Make sure that they are assembled correctly by checking their matching number. When tightening the connecting rod nuts, apply oil on the threads.

4) Installation of piston ring and oil ring: (1) Install oil ring spacer, upper rail and lower rail in this order by hand. Then install second ring and top ring with piston ring expander. (2) Position the top ring gap at A or B in the Figure. (3) Position the second ring gap at 180° on the reverse side for the top ring gap. (4) Position the upper rail gap at C or D in the Figure 1. (5) Position the expander gap at 180° of the reverse side for the upper rail gap. (6) Position the lower rail gap at E or F in the Figure. Ensure ring gaps do not face the same direction and are not within the piston skirt area.


5) Install circlip into pistons. It is recommended that you use new circlips. Note: Position front marked “O” facing toward front of engine.

Some or all of the preceding technical information was provided by the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA). For more information on technical bulletins available through APRA call 703-968-2772 or visit www.AutoBulletins.com.


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