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J-TEC Associates, Inc. Celebrates 40 years in Business


J-TEC Associates, Inc. will celebrate 40 years in business this year in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Soon after the company was opened in 1968, it was granted a patent for a unique method of measuring gaseous and liquid flow rates. J-TEC’s technology for measuring flow has been employed in a wide range of markets, including engine testing, and military weapons systems.

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J-TEC blowby meters measure crankcase blowby to indicate piston-ring sealing performance. They are used in new engine developments, assembly line quality checks, improving the performance of racing engines, and maintenance programs to monitor internal wear rates of gasoline and diesel engines.  

For the military market, J-TEC produces crosswind sensors that reliably measure wind speed and direction, even in the face of harsh environments. Crosswind sensors improve the accuracy of large-caliber weapons on wheeled and tracked vehicles, such as the world-renowned Abrams M1 tank.

Today, all J-TEC blowby meters operate with the same technology that has been trusted by the US military for the last 40 years.

For more information about J-TEC, visit www.j-tecassociates.com.

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