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MAHLE Clevite Enjoys Positive Response From NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race Teams To Decal Transition


MAHLE Clevite announced earlier this year that the company would transition to the MAHLE white decal from its legendary blue Clevite decal throughout all of NASCAR®. At nearly the halfway point of the change, 52 of the 55 teams that have entered a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event in 2008 have displayed the MAHLE decal.  


Race wins with the MAHLE decal on the vehicle continue to increase. The latest win occurred at the 400 at Chicagoland Speedway on July 12 with a victory by Kyle Busch of Joe Gibbs Racing.

Overall, the company has enjoyed a strong, positive response from NASCAR Sprint Cup race teams to the decal change.

“Clevite has been a valued sponsor and associate for Hendrick Motorsports for many years,” said Jeff Andrews, director of engine operations for Hendrick Motorsports. “From our perspective the decal change has been a positive. When you look at the history of Clevite with the addition of the MAHLE Corporation becoming involved and now being known as MAHLE Clevite, we feel we have doubled our capacity in terms of the technology and the things available to us.”


Mike Kasch of Roush Yates Racing Engines finished as the runner-up with partner Jim Snyder, in the 2008 MAHLE Engine Builder Showdown competition. Kasch says the decal change has had little effect on what he does.

“Even though the decal on the side is different,” explained Kasch, “inside the engine compartment we are still utilizing the same great technology from Clevite that we have used for so many years. It is just one more advantage for us to keep winning races in every series we build engines for.”

According to Spenny Clendenen, business financial director for Earnhardt-Childress Racing Engines (ECR), “With Clevite’s heritage of providing us quality product through many years of racing and MAHLE’s worldwide technological reputation it seems a technical powerhouse has been created to help us win races and championships.”


Engine performance is a key aspect of winning NASCAR races, and more NASCAR races have been won with Clevite® engine bearings than any other brand. Clevite bearings and other performance engine products from MAHLE Clevite Inc. – including Perfect Circle® piston rings, Victor Reinz® gaskets, and MAHLE Original® engine parts – are exclusive NASCAR Performance Products.

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