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HD Remanufacturing Summit


The Heavy  Duty Remanufacturing Group Summit ’09 in Orlando, Florida on February 16  will feature an outlook for the reman business by Bruce  Plaxton, veteran industry observer and analyst. Bruce is President of BGP  Marketing Solutions in Schaumburg, IL, a consulting practice with a  focus on mobile capital goods. Plaxton has been an advisor to many of the  OEMs, suppliers and aftermarket companies in the  industry.

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He  will focus on the green aspects of the remanufacturing business and how it  may be incorporated in to the market planning of remanufacturers. The  title of his presentation will be, “Opportunities, Challenges and the  GREEN Outlook for the Heavy Duty Remanufacturer.” There are two  shades of “green” according to Plaxton. Justifying a reman business can be  aided by the environmental concerns but must also face the ultimate  justification of dollars and cents, the other shade of “green.”

Plaxton’s  keynote address will illustrate some industry trends and concerns and  provide a look at where we are heading. BGP’s market numbers have proven  to be the industry’s most accurate over time. HDRG  has also arranged for Alan C. Lesesky, President of Vehicle Enhancement  Systems in Rock Hill, South Carolina, to provide a presentation on “Future  Energy Products, Technologies and Systems.” Mr. Lesesky has many patents  that apply to the electronic controls on hybrids and ABS braking systems.  He has done ground breaking work on multiplexing data buss systems for  vehicles.

Michael Rayne  of Delphi Diesel Systems, Ltd. in the United Kingdom will discuss “Diesel  Fuel Injection Service and Remanufacturing.” Mike Conlon, APRA Legal  Counsel, will discuss the latest in regulations and how they will affect  the bottom line of remanufacturers in the new administration. The  prestigious “Remanufacturer of the Year” will be awarded at the Summit  luncheon on February 16.


A  panel discussion on “Successful Strategies for the Future” for heavy duty  engine and drivetrain remanufacturers as well as small parts remanufacturers and parts suppliers will feature three leading heavy duty  diesel engine rebuilders. 

David Bianchi, VP Sales of  B & G  Machine in Seattle, Washington; Steve Gettlefinger, President of Republic  Diesel, Louisville, Kentucky; and, Steve Hendrick, President of Diesel  Exchange, Springfield, Missouri, will sit on this panel and discuss the  future direction of the heavy duty engine rebuild business and the  strategies they are employing to be successful. 

The  engine reman business has only slightly been involved in prior Heavy Duty  Aftermarket Week programs and through the HDRG this important segment of  the industry is now being offered a home for their networking and exchange  of information.

The Board of HDRG welcomes this important engine group to  our conference and looks forward to working with them regarding their needs. The engine parts manufacturers have played a key role in bringing about the inclusion of the engine remanufacturers as a vital part of HDRG. The HDRG is also welcoming industry trainer and diagnostics expert Mike Kohler to a spot on the program. He will speak on the “Logic of Engine Electronics.” Kohler has been a trainer for CAT and has custom courses tailored for specific clients needs.


Kohler will relate the electronic  controls and the need for proper diagnostics to ensure the proper  operation of the engine and drivetrain systems, including hydraulics and  hydrostatic drive systems. Kohler Consulting also is an expert machine  set-up consultant for heavy duty machinery utilized in the rebuilding  processes.

The  “Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year” Awards Luncheon will be held at  noon for attendees at the Summit.  Last year’s winner, Mike Hill of  Precision Rebuilders, Inc. in St. Clair, Missouri, will present the award to the 2009 Heavy Duty Remanufacturer of the Year. For more information about the HDRG Summit program, visit


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