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Revised Timing Belt and Tensioner Setup Procedure Ford 2.0L Engines


figure 1This article is being published to provide the correct service procedure for setting up cam timing belt tensioner due to the procedure being inaccurate in previously published manuals. Refer to the following any time the timing belt is serviced.

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figure 2To achieve proper timing belt tension, the camshaft sprocket bolts should be loosened enough to permit the sprockets to turn freely on the camshafts. With cam sprocket bolts loosened and cylinder #1 at TDC, crankshaft must be rotated to TDC in clockwise direction (install camshaft alignment tool in th camshaft slots).

figure 31) Back out the tensioner bolt four (4) full turns and position the tensioner so the locating tab is at approximately the 4 o’clock position. Line up the hex key slot in the tensioner adjusting washer with the pointer that is located behind the pulley (Figure 1).

2) Working counterclockwise from the crank sprocket, install the timing belt.

3) Rotate the tensioner locating tab counterclockwise and insert the locating tab into the slot in the rear timing cover (Figure 2).

4) Position the hex key slot in the tensioner adjusting washer to the 4 o’clock position (Figure 2).

Figure 45) Tighten the attaching bolt enough to seat the tensioner firmly against the rear timing cover, but still allow the tensioner adjusting washer to be rotated using a 6 mm hex key (Figure 2).

6) Using the hex key, rotate the adjusting washer counterclockwise until the notch in the pointer is centered over the index line on the locating tab. (The pointer will move in a clockwise direction during adjustment) (Figure 3).


7) While holding the adjusting washer in position, torque the attaching bolt to 18-20 ft.lbs. (25-28 Nm) (Figure 4).

Note: If the pointer does not remain centered over the index line during final tightening, loosen the bolt and repeat procedure beginning with step 4.

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