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After 30 years in the Sahara, this year’s route is in Argentina and Chile.  Starting in Buenos Aires, the 5600 mile race will take competitors through Patagonia and the Andes mountains to the Atacama Desert, and then on to Valparaiso on the Pacific Ocean before returning to Buenos Aires.   

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The Dakar unites more than 950 amateur and professional participants searching for adventure. Traditionally run through Africa’s Sahara desert, the event’s nomadic spirit led to a new location in South America for 2009. Attracted to the adventures of wide-open spaces, this year’s competitors will travel from 50 countries around the globe to explore the diverse and dramatic topography of Argentina and Chile.      

As the official compressed air supplier, Kaeser will use the new Airtower compressor package and UltraFill 99+ products to maintain and repair contestants’ cars, motorbikes, quads and trucks with compressed air and nitrogen.

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