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Fifty Percent are Budgeting an Increase in Revenue, Survey Says


aftermarketNews recently published the results of a survey taken by
KMPG that showed global automotive executives expect a significant
decline in market share for United States vehicle manufacturers but
continue to see U.S. OEMs becoming more efficient and competitive in
the near term. Despite facing recessionary times and fighting
overcapacity issues, automotive executives remain focused on
manufacturing alternative fuel cars and continuing the exploration of
emerging markets for growth, said the study. That being said, can we
expect to see more budget cuts in our future, or less?



In AMN’s Reader Survey, they asked what budget
changes its readers were anticipating for 2009, and the results look quite
positive. Thirty-four percent of readers expect a budget increase of 1 
to 5 percent; with another 16 percent expecting an increase of more
than  5 percent. Still, 26 percent expect a budget decrease of more
than 5 percent in 2009; with 3 percent of readers looking to cut
budgets  in the range of 1  to 5  percent.

A complete breakdown of the
results can be seen below:


What is your budgeted change in revenue for 2009 compared to 2008?


34 percent expect an increase of 1  - 5 percent

16 percent expect an increase of more than 5 percent

21 percent expect to be flat with 2008

3 percent expect a decrease of 1 - 5  percent

26 percent expext a decrease of more than 5 percent

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