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Brad Penn Lubricants Renames Racing Oil Brand to Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oil


First introduced in 2001, the Penn Grade 1® line has enjoyed remarkable growth within the racing segment. With the reduction of zinc and phosphorous in a majority of oils, the Penn Grade 1® Oils have realized tremendous growth within the classic, historic, vintage, muscle car and hot rod markets, which led to the name change, encompassing the different market segments.  

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“Our Penn Grade 1 line contains a significantly high concentration level of zinc and phosphorous additives and is blended with a unique cut that comes off our fractionization tower that enables the oil to cling, which provides tremendous protection to flat tappet and roller cams, bearings and other critical parts within the engine. This formula not only benefits race cars but also classic, historic, vintage, muscle car and hot rod vehicles which led to the name change.  In addition, a majority of cam manufacturers recommend our high performance oil”, stated Richard Glady, Vice President of Blended Lubricants for American Refining Group, Inc.  

The company stresses that this is only a name change on labels and cartons.  The outstanding zinc and phosphorous rich formula that our Penn Grade 1 customers have come to love will remain untouched.  In addition, the company warns that the formula contains high zinc and phosphorous additive concentrations, which can be detrimental to cars and trucks with catalytic converters and they recommend that car enthusiasts consult the owner’s manual for proper oil selection.

“Our products continue to be manufactured in Bradford, Pennsylvania.  We are an American company and our refinery processes 100% Penn Grade crude oil.  The unique formulas of the Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils along with a special cut we receive from our tower truly distinguish our products from the competition.  “THE GREEN OIL” as it is affectionately called by our customers, has become the talk of the industry and the choice of car enthusiasts who demand a top quality lubricant in their high performance engines. In addition to cam manufacturers recommending our high performance oil, a number of premier engine builders and drivers are endorsing our products to their customers.  Even the world famous Feld Grave Digger Monster Trucks are now exclusively using our High Performance Oils in their engines!” stated Jennifer Taylor, Marketing Specialist for American Refining Group, Inc.


Brad Penn Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils are formulated in 7 viscosity grades, partial synthetic 0W-30, partial synthetic SAE 10W-30, partial synthetic SAE 20W-50, SAE 40, SAE 50, NITRO 70,  and SAE 30 Break-In Oil.  Also recently introduced are the SAE 10W-40 and SAE 20W-50 V2 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oils and the SAE 75W-90 Full Synthetic Hypoid Gear/Blower Oil. Additional information on Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils can be obtained on our website at


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