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10 Ways To Recruit New Employees for Your Shop


You never know when you’ll be in the market for a new employee. You may
be fully staffed right now, but what if you were to expand your shop,
offering additional services, and needed the extra
manpower to handle the increased service volume?

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Or, what if you were to lose an employee to the competition? In either
situation, would you be prepared to handle that void and know where to
begin your search for a replacement employee?

With the goal of providing you with ideas on the best ways to
recruit new employees for your shop, Babcox Research asked a sample of
shop owner readers for their input on the topic. Some of those
responses are listed below.

10 Ideal Ways to Recruit New Employees For Your Shop

1. Contact local vo-tech schools and network with automotive
instructors. Provide details about job applicant responsibilities and
qualifications. And, don’t forget to outline the features and benefits
of working at your shop. Potential employees want to know what your
shop has to offer, too.


2. Send a shop representative to area job fairs to get the word out that you are in need of a new employee.

3. Ask your employees for recommendations. One reader says,
“stolen ‘wrenches’ are usually a good bet. Ask your techs. They always
know other good ones.”

4. Consider asking your good, long-time customers for recommendations.

5. Don’t forget to tap the parts store counter people and mobile
tool distributors with whom you do business. Ask these key contacts in
the field if they know of anyone who’s qualified for a job at your shop
or is in the market for a new job.


6. Check out employment websites and online employment
advertisements. But be wary of “glorified” resumes, says another
reader, as these applicants typically have serious shortcomings.

7. “Grow your own.” Seek out young people who are mechanically astute, then train them at your shop.

8. Place newspaper ads, but be very specific about the qualifications
you seek. Stress job requirements and demand quality workmanship.

9. Promote that you: run a top-notch, clean shop that’s a good place
to work; offer good compensation; and provide a solid benefits package.


10. You may not have to look too far. With the reality of dealership
closings across the country, several professional, skilled techs are
out of work. Now is the time to advertise, network and keep your shop’s
name at the forefront in your market area.

Jeff Stankard is Publisher of Babcox Tech Group Publications.

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