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ZF and ISE Corp. Partner to Supply Electric Hybrid Drive Systems and Components to the North American Market


Friedrichshafen (ZF) and ISE Corp., a manufacturer of hybrid propulsion
systems and components for heavy duty vehicles, have announced plans to
collaborate on the development and supply of a complete line of
parallel-electric hybrid drive systems and components for the North
American vehicle markets.

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ZF and ISE have signed an agreement that outlines plans for an intended
strategic collaboration and development partnership. The combined
expertise of ZF and ISE will result in a product portfolio of series
and parallel hybrid-electric drive systems and components unrivaled in
the world, according to the two companies.

ZF will utilize ISE expertise for integration engineering, sales,
subsystem assembly and service support for ZF Hybrid systems and
components into the North America commercial vehicle market.
Respectively, ISE intends to develop and market an ISE branded parallel
hybrid drive system for the North America commercial vehicle market
that incorporates ZF Hybrid Systems & Components. ZF has developed
several parallel-hybrid configurations for various applications for the
transit bus and truck industries, and as a result of this agreement,
North American sales of ZF Hybrid Systems and Components will be sold
through ISE and jointly marketed by both companies.


"We are very excited about this groundbreaking relationship where ZF’s
worldwide expertise in driveline products and parallel hybrid drive
systems, combined with ISE’s top level expertise in Series Hybrid Drive
Systems and high-performance energy storage systems, will provide the
broadest and most capable product range to meet all commercial vehicle
applications," said Wolfgang Schilha, senior vice president bus
driveline technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

"ISE is thrilled with the opportunity to partner with ZF, which is
without question, the world’s most capable provider of driveline
products and parallel hybrid drive systems for medium and heavy duty
applications. With our combined resources, expertise and complementary
products, along with ISE’s hybrid market expertise in North America,
this partnership is without question, the envy of the industry," said
Rick Sander, president and CEO of ISE. "There is no question that the
synergies of this relationship will help accelerate and expand the
worldwide adoption of commercial hybrid drive systems resulting in
substantial environmental and sustainability improvements, along with
improved business solutions."

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