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Engine & Performance Warehouse Presents Annual Awards at Summer Conference


& Performance Warehouse (EPWI) recently named its 2008 "Vendor of
the Year"
and "Representative of the Year" at an awards dinner during
its annual summer conference. The event was held Aug. 6, 2009 in Vail, Colo.

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Engine & Performance Warehouse named Joe Gibbs Racing as EPWI’s
2008 Vendor of the Year. Lake Speed Jr. accepted the award for Joe
Gibbs Racing, EPWI’s supplier of racing, break-in and hot rod motor
oils and related specialty lubricants.

The annual Vendor of the Year award is presented to the supplier or
manufacturer based on scores in seven categories during the prior year,
including distribution/sales polices, pricing policies, inventory,
returns, labor claims, office support and shipping/packaging. Past
recipients of this award include S.A. Gear, Total Seal, Pioneer,
B&P Rods, COMP Cams, Cylinder Head Center, Clevite Engine Parts,
Dura-Bond Bearing Co., Damper Doctor and Melling Engine Parts.


Engine & Performance Warehouse also named Bill McCleskey as EPWI’s
2008 Representative of the Year. A surprised Bill McCleskey, western
regional sales manager for Melling Engine Parts, accepted his award
during the Thursday night dinner. McCleskey provides sales, product and
marketing support for all Melling product lines to EPWI’s western
branch warehouses.

The Rep of the Year is selected annually, on a rotating basis by
region, using combined votes based on scores in three categories: sales
support, distribution philosophies and timely and accurate

This year, a special one-time Outstanding Service Award was presented
to Bill Gillespie, president of Desktop Publishing, for his exemplary
efforts in supporting EPWI’s Engine Kit Catalog program, Specials
Catalog programs and ancillary publishing and printing tasks.


For more information about Engine & Performance Warehouse, visit www.epwi.net.Left to right: Veryl Berry, General Manager 
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