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International Motorsports Center to House the Corporate Headquarters of ISC, NASCAR and Grand-Am


For more than 50 years, Daytona Beach has been the mecca of motorsports
racing due to the vision of "Big" Bill France. Where there was nothing
but open fields and saw grass, he envisioned huge crowds cheering the
fastest cars and drivers racing at a spectacular world-class facility.
Through the France family’s hard work, the “Great American Race,” the
Daytona 500, put Daytona Beach on the global sports map.

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This week has witnessed another first for the family – the introduction
of the International Motorsports Center, an eight-story headquarters
building under construction directly across from Daytona International
Speedway, designed to carry on the great heritage of motorsports that
is synonymous with the France Family and Daytona Beach. The
International Motorsports Center, scheduled to be completed in late
2009, will serve as the world headquarters for International Speedway
Corp. (ISC), NASCAR and Grand-Am Racing Association.

"I am proud of the legacy started by my grandfather and I share in his
vision of making Daytona Beach the motorsports capital of the world,"
said ISC CEO and NASCAR Vice Chairwoman, Lesa France Kennedy. "Building
the International Motorsports Center ensures that the companies at the
forefront of global motorsports will stay in Daytona Beach for the
foreseeable future."


France Kennedy continued, "In addition to the incredible archive of
motorsports memorabilia that will be displayed throughout the building
is the collective knowledge and expertise that will be working at the
International Motorsports Center. No single location in the country
will have the significant resources we will have in Daytona Beach. I am
sure we will grow motorsports to new heights."

The International Motorsports Center was designed inside and out to
showcase motorsports. The shape of the building is curved to represent
the tri-oval of Daytona International Speedway. The columns represent
the rhythm of lights that circle the track. The awning on top of the
building was designed to resemble the profile of an aerodynamic
spoiler. The overall look of the building has the appearance of motion.
"Equally important to the exterior look of the building was the need
for the interior to display not only a historical context of
motorsports but also the elements that we are accustomed to seeing in
the sport today," added France Kennedy.


From an environmental standpoint, the International Motorsports Center
will be the cornerstone of ISC, NASCAR and Grand-Am’s commitment to a
healthy environment. It is anticipated that the headquarters building
will be LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) by
the U.S. Green Building Council, a nonprofit advocacy group that issues
LEED ratings and certifications.

"The decision to develop a ‘Green’ building is an investment in
capital, environmental and human assets," said France Kennedy. "Our
headquarters building will use 15 to 20 percent less energy than a
traditional office building of the same size. The windows, with their
special coatings, will transmit about 75 percent less heat compared to
clear glass. In addition, the headquarters building will be composed of
materials with 10 to 20 percent recycled content as well as with
materials that are produced or grown regionally. Lastly, an open work
plan design will bring exterior views to 90 percent of employee work

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