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EngineQuest (EQ) Announces Winners of SEMA and AAPEX Cylinder Head and Prize Vault Giveaway Promotion


EngineQuest (EQ) is pleased to announce the winners of their 2009 AAPEX/SEMA show Cylinder Head and Prize Vault Giveaway promotion. The grand prize, a new set of cylinder heads, was won by Mark Wenzlaff (Yankton Automotive Machine) located in Yankton, SD.  Both second and third place winners, Doug Fisher (Fisher & Sons) and Ray Terry (Hodges Hot Rods) will receive EQ branded merchandise that will include an EQ decal, tee shirt, hat and pen.

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The cylinder head giveaway promotion was designed to bring attention to two of EQ’s exciting new cylinder heads introduced in November at the 2009 SEMA and AAPEX trade show in Las Vegas. One is a high performance aluminum head applicable for any SBC 350 and capable of delivering 500 hp right out-of-the-box.

The second new product introduced at SEMA and AAPEX was a Vortec Hybrid (marine or automotive) SBC cylinder head that is one of a kind on the market. Manufactured in Australia, EQ’s Vortec Hybrid also has a heat riser and is available for stock or performance applications. Grand Prize Winner, Mark Wenzlaff, will be able to select a set of either of these new products.

A similar cylinder head and prize vault giveaway promotion took place at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show held December 10 – 12 in Orlando, FL. The winner will receive a set of EQ’s new aluminum or Vortec Hybrid cylinder heads or prizes from the EQ prize vault.

For more information about EQ’s new cylinder heads, phone: 800-426-8771, or visit



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