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Shelby International Launches New Social Networking Site:


Carroll Shelby, founder of Carroll Shelby International Inc. and the Carroll Shelby Foundation, have announced the birth of Shelby Nation,
a dynamic online community for fans of Carroll Shelby and the legacy he
has created that includes all Shelby organizations. The Internet portal
combines social networking with forums, videos, images, links and Web
pages for the Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby Automobiles, Carroll
Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby International, Carroll Shelby Engine
Co., Team Shelby, Cleo Shelby Jewelry, Carroll Shelby Enterprises,
Shelby Performance Parts and Carroll Shelby Engineering.

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Shelby Nation is a virtual community for like-minded fans to meet and
access all of the Shelby organizations in one fun, easy-to-use spot and
celebrate Carroll Shelby’s high-octane lifestyle and philanthropic
vision. It will even share Shelby’s personal thoughts, as well as push
those comments out to his Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The concept is a “hub & spoke” format, with Shelby Nation as the
hub and participating Shelby companies and affiliates as the spokes.
Shelby Nation hopes to foster a sense of community to develop
relationships with current and potential Shelby owners and provide
information to Shelby friends directly all in one place.


“Over the past several months, the Carroll Shelby Foundation diligently
researched social networking trends and found this fast moving arena to
be very beneficial,” noted Jenni Shreeves, director of the Carroll
Shelby Foundation. “Shelby Nation provides a platform for those who
want to celebrate Carroll’s achievements and help solidify his place as
an American icon. That platform also allows us to communicate directly
with all who support Carroll’s philanthropic vision. To sum it up,
Shelby Nation is a passionate celebration by those who fearlessly seek
the ultimate in speed, adventure, innovation and charity. A lifestyle
epitomized for decades by Carroll Shelby.”


This social networking portal provides the entire Shelby community a
hub for social networking needs, but it does not replace the individual
Web sites of each organization. Once there, people are redirected to
the appropriate Shelby affiliate based upon their needs and interests.

“For example, people interested in a Shelby FE engine will be directed
to the Carroll Shelby Engine Co., Shelby enthusiasts will be sent to
Team Shelby, those who want information on a current model year Shelby
vehicle will go to Shelby Automobiles, etc.,” explained John Luft,
president of Shelby Licensing. “Each Shelby company will respond to the
needs of that individual. Shelby Nation is just an easy, comprehensive
place to begin your Shelby journey.”



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