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Valvoline Expands Engine Guarantee


has expanded its Valvoline Engine Guarantee program and is rolling out
a new companion advertising campaign. The initial television spots
willl be aired during telecasts of the 2010 NBA
Playoffs on multiple networks.

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Participants must register their vehicles at, use Valvoline motor oil regularly and their engines can
be guaranteed up to 300,000 miles. Originally available only to
vehicles with 75,000 miles or less, the mileage threshold has been
increased to 125,000 miles opening up the program to the majority of
cars on the road. Consumers who sign up now can also receive up to $20
off of their next Valvoline motor oil purchase.

"The Valvoline Engine Guarantee is an innovative offering in a category
that is too often caught up in claims," said John Ackerman, brand
manager for Valvoline. "Customers have latched on to the program for
the value it delivers, and we’re excited to extend the Valvoline Engine
Guarantee to more drivers who’ve come to rely on our products and
appreciate the added benefits of a guarantee."


Participants can choose to opt-in to the Valvoline Engine Guarantee
program at various levels. Use Valvoline Premium Conventional motor oil
for a guarantee up to 150,000 miles; MaxLife or DuraBlend Synthetic
Blend motor oils for a guarantee up to 225,000 miles; and for maximum
protection and a guarantee up to 300,000 miles use SynPower Full
Synthetic or MaxLife Full Synthetic motor oils.

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