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APRA Posts ‘Rethink – Rebuild’ YouTube Video


Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) President, Bill Gager, announced today that APRA has posted their “Rethink – Rebuild” video to YouTube.


The video highlights the environmental contributions of remanufacturing as well as the cost savings for consumers. Several remanufacturing plants and a variety of remanufactured products appear in the video.

Gager stated, “While the video was produced over 10 years ago to educate government officials and legislators about the benefits of remanufacturing, the material is still very useful in helping consumers understand what our great remanufacturing industry is all about.”

To view the video, please visit  


APRA has other informational and public relations videos that will join “Rethink – Rebuild” on YouTube in the near future.

 For more information about APRA, visit



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