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Sulzer Acquires Diamond-like Carbon Coatings Division from Bekaert


The DLC division of Bekaert has been acquired by Sulzer Metco, a leading global supplier of services and products for surface solutions, covering thermal-spray and thin-film coating technologies. The acquisition, which includes Bekaert’s diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings and racing activities, will deliver significant technological benefits to Sulzer and Bekaert customers, as both companies have a strong presence in complementary markets and produce complementary technologies.

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Bekaert DLC produces thin-film coatings, which combine very low frictional resistance and extreme hardness. The coatings are used to reduce wear and friction in a wide range of industrial applications, such as machine parts, automotive components, and moulds for plastics and metals. Bekaert DLC division will be integrated into Sulzer Metco’s existing thin-film coating activities, which focus on machining, forming, general automotive, racing, semiconductors and plastic-processing applications.


Business as usual for Bekaert customers

The acquisition represents no change for Bekaert customers, who will enjoy a continuity of service. There will be no redundancies following the take-over. Bekaert customers will receive the same exemplary level of service from the same team, who will continue working at the same locations.


Product names will also remain the same (e.g., Cavidur® and Dylyn®). The only change will be the switch in brand name from Bekaert to Sulzer.

Complementary technologies from a one-stop shop

Bekaert and Sulzer are well-established players operating in complementary markets. The acquisition means customers of both companies will now be able to benefit from complementary technologies, and have the convenience of getting all their coatings products and services from a single supplier.

“We’d like to reassure Bekaert customers that they’ll still be able to rely on the same team, products, facilities and service," said Mark Boghe, Segment Manager Automotive/Racing at Sulzer Metco. "The acquisition is an exciting development that offers business benefits to customers of both companies. By pooling resources, expertise and experience, we can produce top-quality, complementary technologies. In doing so, we’re creating a comprehensive, one-stop shop that can meet every customer’s coating needs."


Boghe continues: “Bekaert has years of experience in the racing market, while Sulzer provides alternative coatings for components that can’t be coated with DLC coatings. We can now offer new coatings for existing components, such as CrN on valves. Plus there’s huge potential for new racing applications. For example, PVD coatings for valves and WC:H coatings for gears.”

Sulzer Metco is a leading global supplier of services and products for surface solutions, covering both thermal-spray and thin-film coating technologies.

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