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APRA, ATRA to Hold Joint Expositions in Las Vegas in 2011


ATRA’s Executive Director, Dennis Madden, stated, “We are pleased that we were able to co-locate our exposition once again at the same time as the International Big R Show, which for the last eight years has been held in Las Vegas just prior to Industry Week featuring the AAPEX and SEMA Shows.  Our experience with a joint ATRA/APRA show in Las Vegas in 2009 was beneficial to members of both associations.”

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APRA’s President, Bill Gager, added, “Both of our associations believe very strongly that this will provide each other’s attendees and suppliers with some new opportunities and will help them reach more people. Both associations will continue to offer their broad range of technical seminars and workshops just prior to and during the exposition. We are pleased that the Las Vegas Hilton was able to accommodate the meeting needs of both associations.”

For details on exhibiting, please contact the respective associations. Jeanie Magathan, Senior Vice President of APRA, may be reached at [email protected] or 703-968-2772, ext. 104. Diane Bland of ATRA, may be reached at 805-389-0353 or [email protected].



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