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Sulzer Metco to Showcase Coatings Technologies at IMIS and PRI


The companies will share a booth so that attendees can discover the benefits of the companies’ complementary technologies. They can be found at Booth 433 at IMIS and Booth 3963 at PRI.

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Sulzer Metco surface solutions enable racing teams, engine builders and automotive companies to increase the durability of their parts and components and boost the overall performance of their engines.


Sulzer Metco thin film coatings combine very low frictional resistance and extreme hardness, reducing wear and friction in a wide range of racing, automotive and industrial applications.

Meanwhile, Sulzer Metco’s SUMEBore division provides coatings for cylinder bores to improve efficiency and overall performance. The company has applied coatings to various engine applications, including Formula 1 racing cars, LeMans, Superbike and MotoGP racing team engines, aircraft engine blocks, and limited-production supercars like the Bugatti Veyron.

Mark Boghe, Segment Manager Racing / Automotive, comments: “The Sulzer Metco booth is the ultimate one-stop coatings shop, as visitors to the stand can get expert advice from both companies. Our combined portfolios hold a vast range of experience and application possibilities, so we are confident we can tailor a solution for any racing, automotive or industrial application."

“Delegates will learn how they can use Sulzer Metco’s complementary surface solutions to squeeze that crucial extra bit of performance from their engines, and cut costs by prolonging the life of their parts and components.”


Sulzer was founded in 1834 in Winterthur, Switzerland, and today is active in machinery and equipment manufacturing and surface engineering at over 120 locations worldwide. For more information, visit



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