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Additive Packages Play Key Role in Keeping an Engine Clean


Premium quality motor oil
will maintain its effectiveness over the life of the oil drain,
allowing it to help in keeping the engine clean.

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packages are added to motor oil and play a key role in helping to keep
an engine clean and protected from varnish and sludge, as well as wear
from heat and acids. Additives can consist of anti-wear agents,
friction modifiers, dispersants, detergents, viscosity index improvers
and antioxidants. Some key cleaning ingredients that make up motor oil
additive packages are detailed below:

  • Anti-wear
    additives lay down a protective, sacrificial film between moving parts
    and also help stop oxidation of the motor oil.

  • Dispersants grab dirt and sludge before they can build up
    during engine operation, holding them in suspension and preventing them
    from depositing on to engine parts.
  • Detergents help keep high-temperature surfaces such as pistons clean.
    Changing the motor oil at proper intervals will help to prevent ring
    sticking and piston deposits.
  • Viscosity index improvers are chemical additives that are added to
    motor oil to ensure proper oil viscosity at extreme cold and hot
    operating conditions, enabling the development of multi-grade oils such
    as SAE 5W-20.
  • Friction modifiers help to reduce friction in critical areas of the engine, thus enhancing the vehicle’s fuel economy.
  • Anti-oxidants stop oil oxidation to help keep the oil from becoming too thick.
  • Properly functioning engine oils help enhance fuel economy, prevent
    sludge and varnish deposits and maintain proper low-temperature
    pumpability. The additives in engine oils are consumed during use at
    different rates, which vary with vehicle, engine type and driving
    conditions; therefore, it is not possible to establish a universal oil
    drain interval. Always follow the recommended oil drain interval and
    oil specifications found in the owner’s manual.

    Tech Tip courtesy of Pennzoil,

    Engine Builder Magazine